Our Services

  • Technical ship management
  • Crew management
  • Marine safety quality management
  • Insurance services
  • New building/ conversion projects
  • Ship inspection

Technical Ship Management : The Technical Department is responsible for maintaining the company's safety standards on vessels, and for coordinating, assisting and encouraging the Master on the implementation and maintenance of the company's shipboard Safety and Environment Protection management system. It is also responsible for the Day-to-Day monitoring of Ship Operations to ensure that they are operated in accordance with the "Safety Health Environment & Quality" guidelines and Best Industry Practice.

  • Establishing an Annual Operational Budget and Master Plan and its monitoring throughout the year
  • Establishing a Preventive Maintenance Plan and the conduct of the maintenance
  • Responding to day to day maintenance requirements of the ships, and conduct of major overhauls and dry dockings and repairs whenever necessary
  • Order Stores and spares and provide logistical support to the ship
  • Implementing Flag State and Classification requirements, their monitoring and ensuring Inspections/Surveys are carried out in a timely manner
  • Ensure vessels are prepared for PSC inspections, monitor and respond to PSC reports
  • Liaisons with Fleet Personnel department to ensure vessels are provided crew as per the vessel, and trade requirements.
  • Encourage crew to adhere to Safe working practices, & compliance with MARPOL & other statutory rules and regulations, & provide adequate resources for these purposes.
  • Perform role of CSO to ensure adequate security levels and interface is maintained
  • Liaisons with relevant departments and authorities for Safety, Insurance and QMS matters including performance of QMS audits
  • Ensure vessel meets Owners and Charterers' technical, operational and commercial requirements for the trade and operates to their requirements
  • Assist the Casualty Contingency team in case of an emergency
  • Implement corrective actions as and when necessary and verify their effectiveness
  • Prepare reports to owners, other external customers and internal customers

Crew Management : Company is vested with a responsibility of recruiting properly qualified personnel for service on board the vessels and to ensure that all officers assigned to the vessel are fully qualified for service on board the vessel and in this respect, they would liaise with Owners, Flag Authorities and Crewing Agents for proper certification and documentation.

Company is responsible for making travel arrangements for officers and crew joining or leaving the vessel and in this respect they would coordinate with the ship's agent and Master to ensure that the travel arrangements are done most efficiently and economically.

Marine Safety Quality Management : Quality objective is dedicated to providing the customer with safe, economical and environmentally sounds services, which meet the agreed specifications for quality management.

It requires functional expertise expressed through timely and cost effective executive and coordinated team work. We have a meticulous regard for safety & the environment, through professionalism and performance, with aims to minimize process Loss and continuously improve Loss Control and to achieve zero failure. Guidelines standards for the implementation of the Marine Safety Quality management are:

  • Safety - The International Safety Management (ISM) Code
  • Quality- ISO 9001:2000

The achievement of this management requires active participation of all members of the team in a continuous process of measurable quality improvement at all points in its operational chain through the policies & measures adopted by the Company for safe and efficient operation of vessels under its management and control.

Good management in any business are commitment from the top and effective Line Management. The Management places great importance on the safety of their personnel, those who may be affected by the Company's activities, ships and cargo. Notwithstanding this, all employees both ashore and afloat have a shared responsibility to maintain high standards of Safety, Health and Environmental protection and they should bring any issues causing concern to the immediate attention of the person they are responsible to. If any ship's personnel remain dissatisfied with the response received, they should bring the matter to the Master's attention who may in turn refer to the Manager, Safety and Insurance who is the 'Designated Person Ashore'. The ultimate responsibility for safety rests with our General Manager, who has demonstrated his commitment by a Safety & Quality.

Insurance Services :

Company is responsible for coordinating with Owners for placing the Hull/Machinery Insurance, P&I and FD&D Cover etc and for informing Master and other departments.

Company is responsible to arrange attendance of Underwriter's survey if an incident damage will result in a claim or possible claim, i.e. pollution, cargo damage, contact with fixed or floating object, hull or machinery casualty, etc. and then inform, co ordinate and report with various departments and Owners.

Company will handle all correspondence and settle the claim with the Underwriters and is responsible for informing, coordinating and reporting to P & I Club, & Owners on P & I related incidents and will also handle FD & D.