Management Objectives :

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Maintaining safety of crew, vessels and environment.
  • Maintaining asset value of our people. Asset includes but not limited to: our business partners, our Identity and reputation, risk management and reliability.
  • Maintain a high operational readiness with class, flag, governments
  • Creating a crew pool of well-trained seafarers.
  • Creating a stable and efficient shore staff pool.
  • Improve financial results of clients and company.
  • Value added services to clients.

Technical Objectives :

  • Reporting formats on schedule delivery for : Quarterly condition report, Quarterly KPI(Key Performance Indicators) report, Superintendent inspection report, Various docking reports.
  • Minimum unscheduled off hire
  • OPEX (operational expenses) within budgets
  • Right-ship approval of all possible vessels
  • Maintenance of asset value until 25 years of age.
  • Planned maintenance system, spare part / lubricating oil / dock planning to be at fleet level.
  • Safety of crew, vessel and environment.

Crew Objectives

  • Recruiting and training crew from India & China.
  • Maintaining a cadet programme.
  • Achieving a high crew retention ratio to owner fleet.
  • Scheduled audit of crewing agencies.
  • Skilled and qualified cooks to employ.
  • Crew and officers appraisal reports.
  • KPI reports fulfilment and improve.
  • Strict crew recruitment
  • Training is investment
  • Ship Safety Ensured by Crew

SQE Objectives

  • ISM, ISPS and flag state compliance to be handled on "fleet level".
  • Media training to focus on client's fleet and not individual vessel management.
  • On board training.
  • LTIF records to maintain and improve.
  • KPI reports fulfilment and improve.

HR Objectives

  • Recruitment of good shore staffs in office.
  • Recruiting quality crew and training crew continuously.
  • Maintaining a cadet program.
  • Achieving a high retention rate in Fleet, with formation of manning pool.
  • Scheduled audit of crewing agency.
  • Appraisal evaluation of all crew and officers.
  • Only qualified and skilled cooks to employ.
  • Continuously improve KPI.

Procurement Objectives

  • Supply Planning on fleet level
  • Cheapest spares that can do the job.
  • Bulk purchases of spares.
  • Stock critical spares at common location.
  • Business with only reputed and quality vendors.
  • Use Web based Procurement system for close monitoring by concerned parties using Microsoft server platform & account system to relate with the vessel, suppliers and managers and owners.

Account Objectives

  • Computer based invoicing and accounting on web based system for company administration.
  • Computer based accounting to be suited to owners accounting requirements.
  • Transparency in the accounting system to be monitored.
  • Use Web based Procurement system for close monitoring by concerned parties.