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Welcome to An Shun International Ship Management Services

Ship Management Company

An Shun Marine Services is a young and Growing a Shipmanagement Business. Established in China and Hong Kong on 1st August 2011, "The company's goal is to be the best third party ship manager in the world". It recognizes that to do so, it must keep its managed fleet on hire, operating economically and in optimal condition (in line with the requirements of its owners) whilst maintaining a total commitment to safety and to the protection of our environment.

The primary thought of our Organization is to link with Companies that appreciate the importance and complexity of a professionally executed technical and recruitment process.

To co-ordinate employment of seafarers for all types of vessels under different international flags.

To integrate intelligence and professionalism with quality assurance, provide quality service, in which our customers have total confidence in our ability to manage human resources.

To effectively communicate with Owner's vessels and other parties to ensure that all matters are dealt with in the most efficient manner.

Realize the need and also keep abreast of Marine trends and carry out the functions of the marine industry efficiently and cost effectively.


  • We will continuously strive to maintain the high Quality of our round the clock services keeping in mind our esteemed clients' requirements.
  • Committed to support and add value for our customers.
  • Provide best possible Ship Management Services.
  • Create safe and healthy environment for our employees.
  • Prepared to respond to any kind of emergencies.
  • Maintain internationally recognized Management Standards.
  • Constantly raise the bar and improve our Company's performance.
  • Continuous Risk analysis to ensure company is not dying.
  • Good communication with clients.
  • Correct Timing , Maximize profits, Manage Risks, Teamwork, Improve Performance, Reward results and Cost conscious.
  • Be STRONG like the Mountains but FLOW like the great rivers.
  • Calm and normal in good and bad times, Innovation for continuity and Meet our commitments.
  • Encourage initiative and Innovation, Remove Cultural differences.
  • Modern and stable working environment, Socially Responsible and Brand Marketing.